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{The view from the old courthouse.}

Whimsy in Winchester is a blog that is dedicated to all things Winchester, Virginia. There are a few websites out there already that list the things you can do in Winchester and places to visit, but I've always looked for a more personal feel. That's how this blog came to be. My husband and I were raised in this city and now, as 20 somethings, we are experiencing it all over again and we want to share our excitement with you.

We love to spend our time on the Loudoun walking mall, trying new local restaurants, and checking out the events in the area on the weekends. We really think Winchester is a great place to grow (as a kid, a couple, and a family) and the community here is truly pushing for a new community experience. My goal for this blog is to cover new places we visit, explore what you can do in Winchester or a short drive from here, and encourage other 'Winchesterites' to truly take advantage of what the city has to offer. 

{The Taylor Hotel prior to renovations.}

Resources for things to do:
City of Winchester (government page)
Old Town Winchester
Old Town Events
Visit Winchester Virginia

Fun facts:
Winchester has a population of around 26,000.
It was founded in 1752.
The Apple Blossom Festival is a celebration that occurs the first weekend of May.

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