Restaurant Week: Jack Knuckle Gourmet

Today kickstarts Winchester's annual Restaurant Week. This is a great weeklong event that is put on by local businesses downtown to entice customers to try new places and new foods. If you have old favorites you can still stop in for some varying menus and affordable food. Most participating restaurants are either offering three course meals for $25 or 2 for $25 deals. 

Our first stop is a little non-traditional this week. Jack Knuckle Gourmet is participating in Winchester's Restaurant Week and is creating meals for two people for $25. What's unique about them is that they are a food truck that roams around the town. You can check out their Restaurant Week Menu here. For the event week the truck is parked right behind Winchester Towers on Cameron Street. Grab some friends and try out their soups, sandwiches, and sides. 

Tonight my husband and I tried out the gourmet grilled cheese, cream of asparagus soup, and falafel along with two drinks all for $25. Since it's a little chilly out and we live close to downtown we decided to eat at home, but you could sit along the wall on Cameron Street to eat and chat if you desire. As we were getting our food, three more families showed up to try out the food truck. The employees delivered service with a smile and I'm interested in testing out their other sandwiches in the weeks to come.

Interested in finding out what other businesses are participating? There are a bunch in our historic downtown and you can check them all out on their website or facebook page.

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