Hideaway Cafe

The Hideaway Cafe opened up just a few months ago in Winchester. True to its name, the Hideaway Cafe is tucked away across Braddock Street from Handley Library. As you enter there are signs guiding you downstairs to the warm niche where you can buy your coffee. The baristas are friendly and are ready to answer any questions you may have about their coffees and teas (they have a fierce cold brew). There is a piano in one corner where musicians come to play on some weekends. A wide variety of seating is available from couches, a picnic table bench, high tables, and classic seating. Crayons are provided for both little ones and adults to get creative at some tables and books abound in a cozy corner. The Cafe has done an excellent job of combining coffee and entertainment, giving the cafe an open, welcoming, and community-centered feel. The owners have done a great job syncing their business with the feel of Old Town while also adding their own flare, so utilize your sleuthing skills and come find the Hideaway Cafe. 

Visit the Hideaway Cafe website here.

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