Terry Oates & The Mudcats

One of the best parts of the revival of downtown Winchester has been the addition of the Bright Box Theater. It's a venue where musicians, comedians, and dancers can come to perform and it's an excellent way to spend a Friday or Saturday night enjoying the arts with some food and drinks. 

If you're looking for a hot band to see, keep your eye on the group Terry Oates and the Mudcats. These guys know how to put on a show. They've got a bluesy rock vibe and the lead man, Terry, sure can get an audience riled up. The band tends to hit up places like the Bright Box, the George Washington Hotel, and other venues for local events. Be sure to look out for them. I'll share with you a blurb from their webpage that describes their playing style.

"Terry Oates and the Mudcats are a high energy blues band based on traditional blues influences with a modern flair. We draw inspiration from the original greats such as BB King, Howlin Wolf, Muddy Waters, and many others in our original material while paying homage to these icons of the blues by playing some of their greatest performances in the way they were originally recorded. The concept of our original material has been inspired by discussions on the theory of the blues, concept of recording in the early days, instruments used, and the artist themselves!"*

You can check out a list of their upcoming gigs here. There is some outstanding talent in this town and The Mudcats have so much that they're practically swimming in it. Ideally you should grab some tickets with a date or a group of friends for a Friday night at the Bright Box because you really need to hear this band at their full performing capacity. Singing and dancing abound at the theater when the Mudcats are playing live.

Stop by their facebook page and say hi.

*Description is from terryoates.com

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